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Un matrimonio napoletano

Antonino Canavacciuolo's recipe of the Napoli version of the lasagna got me intrigued, so I waited for the first Sunday to make it, with pretty good outcome I have to say. Photo did not come out great but trust me. Everything works to fill these long days of forced loneliness I guess... but have anti-acid at hand because it is not for weak stomachs!

Speaking about loneliness, this is a feeling that I got to know in these last months, and way before the confinement started. It was really strange that the moment in which another person started to grow inside me, so I technically stopped to be alone, I also started to feel so lonely, like there is no one I can talk to because no one can understand me.

We were trying to get pregnant for a very long time, but I think I was not really prepared (is it possible to be prepared?) to what pregnancy really was. I had to cope with feeling physically shitty and at the same time feeling guilty for not feeling happy about my status, as if holding pain gracefully is the first exam you need to take to be able to graduate as a mother. "Oh, yes it is unpleasant but it is soooo worth!". If I hear it one more time, I swear I puke!

It didn't help also that my first trimester happened to be during Christmas, so I was surrounded 24/7 by people either making food, chewing food or talking about food... sometimes all at once (you know, one week in Italy and one in Spain). So I really wonder how I can still be in love with food and proud owner of a food blog after all that!


serves 4

400 gr pasta dough cut in stripes and boiled (400 gr flour, 4 eggs)

500 gr crushed tomatoes

200 gr ricotta cheese

200 gr minced meat

1 egg yolk

20 gr grated parmigiano

80 gr grated parmigiano + pecorino

3 boiled eggs cut in slices

100 gr frozen peas



Make the tomato sauce: fry two garlic cloves in a little oil EVO, add the tomatoes and the basil and let it cook for 20 minutes. When ready, mix with the ricotta. Mix the minced meat with the egg yolk and the parmigiano, prepare the meatball, roll in flour and deep-fry in oil EVO. Compose the lasagna with one layer of pasta, the tomato and ricotta sauce, the meatballs, the peas, the egg slices and the grated cheeses. Bake in the oven for 45 minutes. Enjoy!





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