Fifty shades of pesto

April 17, 2020

I am a genius in combining leftovers in the fridge, a GENIUS! This is a 5-minute recipe, just what I need in my very busy quarantine days... but then on the other hand, yeast is nowhere to be found, so it is not like I should have made a 48-hour maturation pizza instead :(


Alicante people, I want to look at you in your eyes and ask you exactly what are you doing with all the fresh yeast, because pizza is not the best plate you have in your menu, as far as I know, and coca does not need to rise... I wish you a horrible diarrhoea if you let a single gram of yeast go to waist!


I was not going to photograph nor write about it, but it was surprisingly good so I took a last-minute shot. And to be honest, this was S's second plate (that's why the portion is so tiny). As for me, my appetite was gone when I got pregnant, and almost 6 months into pregnancy is still missing. Lucky me we had to cancel our holiday to Asia, otherwise what a waist to be in dumpling heaven and only eat white grapefruit! BTW as my best friend said, the fact that I can only eat white grapes is because is the closest thing to wine my body can admit :) To close on a bright note: -3,5 months to my first glass of Oban 14! 



serves 4


500 gr rigatoni

1 eggplant

4-5 sun-dried tomatoes

10 walnuts

mint leaves

oil EVO

1 garlic clove

lemon zest


Slice the eggplant and grill them in an iron grill pan. Boil the pasta; in the meanwhile, blend the eggplant, the sun-dried tomatoes, the walnuts, the mint leaves and the garlic clove to make a creamy sauce. Mix with the pasta, add lemon zest and mint leaves to decorate. Enjoy!




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