The perfect scone

September 29, 2019

I have spent a lot of time in UK lately, I have to admit, mostly against my will :) S really wanted me to see Scotland, which is an amazing country, but it is missing two things which are very important to me on holiday: good weather and good food. Actually, not entirely: the seafood was amazing! And the scones. The first morning in Glasgow we had breakfast in a cafe near the hotel and there it was, the cheddar and chives scone, perfectly baked, soft, indulgently cheesy, in other words: the perfect scone. 13 days of holiday spent looking for that amazing taste, with only decent results.


So once back, I decided to try baking some scones. It turns out the recipe is quite simple, and the result was pretty good I have to say! I am left wondering how the British can survive after their 40ies, with the amount of cholesterol that I find in their recipes, but for once in a while, I am all for scones!


I have made three different kinds: cheddar and chives (my first love!), cheddar and bacon and - wait for it - roquefort and walnuts, which eventually were my favorites.


SCONES (~ 20 scones)


675 gr self-raising flour

a pinch of salt

a pinch pepper

3 tsp baking powder

165 gr chilled butter grated

270-300 ml milk plus 1 tbsp for glazing


cheddar and chives:

120 gr mature cheddar grated



cheddar and bacon:

120 gr mature cheddar grated

100 gr bacon roasted and crushed in pieces


roquefort and walnuts:

120 gr roquefort in cubes

~ 10 walnuts crushed


Mix all the powders, add the butter and mix quickly. Add the milk and split in three. Add the different mixes, roll to 2 cm thick and cut the scones. Glass with milk. Bake in the oven at 180 gr for 17 mins.








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