Fettuccine "seas and mountains"

This is the Italian take on the "surf and turf" :)

The fact that I was able to do this recipe is a sign that I am very lucky, as far as geography is concerned: where I live I can find great fruits of the sea AND great fruits of the earth (Alicante rules!)

I am in the middle of a transition moment job wise, where I will need to make important decisions about my professional future. This thought makes me inevitably think about the importance of all the different things that add up to define the life quality. The privilege to wake up on a Saturday morning and go to the Alicante market, walk between the fish stands to get inspiration for the Sunday meal, have a beer while queuing at the butcher (our butcher rocks!), well, makes me think if I'll ever be able to live somewhere else. So academy in Spain please get instantly better!


(serves 4)

400 gr fresh fettuccine

500 gr Porcini mushrooms

500 gr Cockles

2 garlic cloves


peperoncino chillies

4 spoons of oil EVO

1/2 glass white wine

Clean the mushrooms (without water!) and slice them. In a pan, fry one garlic clove with a couple of chillies and 2 spoons of oil EVO until golden, then add the mushrooms and cook for 6-7 minutes. Leave the cockles in salted water for at least one hour, dry and fry in another pan with 2 spoons of oil EVO until they start to open, adding the wine halfway. Boil the fettuccine, mix with the mushrooms and the cockles, and serve with a lot of parsley. Enjoy!





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Próximamente habrá aquí nuevas entradas
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