The power of Shiitake

Every time I see shiitake mushrooms I think about my best friend A who loves them. She once described me a shiitake plate she ate in an incredibly passionate way, and I was so impressed by the expression she used: "an explosion of shiitake in the mouth"! I totally wanted to experience this myself!

BTW she is THE most amazing person in the world, true story. Way more stylish than me, as hard as it is to admit it ;). Classy in her outfit and, more importantly, in her way of thinking. Beautiful voice, beautiful mind. Perhaps a bit workaholic, but that's the 2000 disease right? ;)

She gives me the good kind of envy, the one which is a mix of admiration and desire that she gets all that she wants in life, to be there and celebrate her achievements over a bottle of something very good and expensive (possibly a magnum). And a shiitake plate :)

The recipe! My mother in law is involved here too, as she provided the thistles. Another taste that I used to hate and now I love <3. They are like the cousins from the countryside of the artichokes, and at the same time they are somehow more elegant. Not easy to store in the fridge though (practical housewife me is talking here).


200 gr shiitake mushrooms

two big thistles arms

1 carrot

5-6 shallots

greek yogurt

Heat the shallots and the carrot cut in big pieces in the pot with a spoon of oil EVO until golden. Add the vegetables cut in pieces and water to cover. Boil for 40 minutes, take out the carrot, blend into a soup and add greek yogurt off the fire. Serve with oil EVO & black pepper. Enjoy!





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Próximamente habrá aquí nuevas entradas
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