Egg-in-a-cloud, truffle, and holidays

Who loves you buys you truffle :)

Well, the truffle was actually for my mother, that deserves love much more than I do, and it came as a gift from the neighbours, a family of four that over the year become sort of my family too. For many reasons, I grew up in a small family, so it is very nice that over the years we have been incorporating friends in the circle of love (and lunches)

Anyway, I took a break from the break that I took due to holidays (we spent holidays in Rome and Madrid, so far away from my kitchen) and took cucinareconlentezza on a tour to Rome (almost: Sacrofano) with these two really nice and easy recipes, in which the truffle is a real rock star ;)


1 egg/person

buffalo mozzarella (a couple of slices per person)


Separate the whites from the yolks and whip the whites with a pinch of salt. In a oiled pan, place a coppapasta (a iron circular mold to cut ravioli), a couple of spoons of white, then the yolk and two more spoons of white. Cook for a couple of minutes and change side. After two more minutes, place the egg cloud in a small oven tray where you placed mozzarella in stripes, add grated truffle and oven for 5 minutes (or until the mozzarella is melted). Enjoy!


100gr fresh tagliolini per person

20 gr of butter




Yes, cream. I think cream goes well with truffle, and I am ready to take insults of you italian people. Cook the past al dente and keep the water. In a pan, cook the grated truffle with the butter, add the cream (just a little bit), the tagliolini and some cooking water, turn off the fire and add a little parmigiano to make a cream. Add truffle chips to serve.





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Próximamente habrá aquí nuevas entradas
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