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Pho, AKA missing Vietnam and looking forward to South America

My flatmate says my life is going from one obsession to the next, and all I can say is that he knows me quite well :)

One of my obsessions has always been travelling, but not simply going to vacations: I really much enjoy all the details of the organization, form the initial investigations, deciding the itinerary, making the reservations etc. So, finally we decided we are going to South America for our honeymoon. Since the wedding was not a traditional one, the honeymoon is definitely not going to be a traditional luxury escape as the only way we can afford having the trip we want is by backpacking like when we were broke teenagers ;)

Anyway, 20 days across the best spots of Argentina, Bolivia and Chile, can't wait!!!!! And in the meanwhile, in one of the very few rainy nights in Alicante, I decided to try one of the soups we ate in Vietnam, which so far is my masterpiece amongst all the trips I organised (I admit the 18 hours bus ride to Siam Reap crossing Cambodia was not a great idea - but still). I have found the recipe in the book that our teacher Van gave us, after the most amazing cooking class I attended in Hoi An: a real life experience, with a visit to the Hoi An market and 12 delicious plates prepared and eaten right away ;)


for the soup:

chicken bones

1 cinnamon stick

5 star anise

1 onion

5 garlic cloves, roasted and peeled

3 shallots, roasted and peeled

1 small ginger root, roasted and peeled

3 teaspoons of fish sauce

to serve:

chicken breast (or beef), cooked or steamed

rice noodles (80 gr per person), cooked according to package

soy sprouts




spring onion

Make the soup with all the ingredients covered with water and boil for one hour. When ready, place all the dry ingredients in a bowl and pour the soup on top.





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