Hazelnut mayo, Leon Benavente, and a discrete picture, all on monday

Well... the title resumes it all :)

Hazelnut mayo: I have eaten it during my very first meal as a married woman, paired with buffalo tataki and an obscene amount of alcohol. The place was Villa Letizia in Roma, an amazing Michelin starred restaurant which is simply in the most beautiful building you can possibly imagine. Close your eyes and think about a liberty villa in the hearth of Roma, with a huge stained glass window from 1910, high ceilings, a back garden with a little fountain (where my nephew accidentally took a bath), add amazing food and two happy families celebrating a wedding, and you'll understand why that was a memorable day ;)

And then my favourite spanish band, Leon Benavente, and a concert to which I thought I could not go, but my flatmate did some magic and it looks like mid december I'll be in Madrid jumping and screaming <3

And finally: a discrete picture with my new lens. Just out of luck or am I really getting better? Stay tuned to spot statistically significant trends in my shooting ;)


for the burger:

350 gr beef



paprika (a pinch)



for the mayo:

2 egg yolks

200 ml oil (100 olive, 100 sunflower)

1 lemon

20 crushed hazelnuts

Prepare the mayonnaise by mixing all the ingredients at room temperature. Make the burger by mixing all the ingredients, then cook them in a pan above the rosemary a couple of minutes per side. Eat immediately!





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Próximamente habrá aquí nuevas entradas
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