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My bamboo steamer

A.K.A. I won't use any other pan or pot in my life as I totally love this baskets!

I am slowly replacing almost all the "boil" with "steam" in my mental recipe book, so I decided to go pro and buy this very nice object, that can also be used to serve the food when the meal is for two.

It goes without saying that this is a fundamental tool to face the much needed post-wedding tour detox phase :) 2 hen's trips and 8 parties in 5 cities of 3 countries were a lot of fun, but I can feel every single one of them right in my stomach/liver X__X

Two months today that I am a married woman and I have to say it feels great. Exactly like before ;)

I have tried during all the preparation phase to communicate to people close to me that there was a distance between what I was supposed to feel according to general public (OMG this is the most important thing in my life) and what I actually felt (it's going to be a great day and a lot of fun, but nothing changes), most of the time failing. A marriage is a huge thing for almost everyone, I get it, so it was hard to explain that for me the huge thing was to commit and live my life with S, and that marriage was only a way of legally state this conclusion we reached together already a couple of years ago. Or he at least did. I was already sure 5 minutes after meeting him at that 60ies party the 15th of December of 4 years ago <3


1 chicken breast

3 spoons of soy sauce

1 lime

1 spoon of honey


sesame seeds

1 broccolo

Cut the chicken breast in sticks, mix the liquids for the marinade and cover the chicken for at least 30 minutes. Cut the broccoli in pieces and place in the steamer on top of boiling water. After some 5 minutes, add the chicken stripes. It will all be ready in 3-4 minutes. Decorate with the sesame seeds and enjoy!





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