OMG I am a married woman! (plus tortelloni)

Two months of absence from this space, but a good excuse: I was busy marrying my flatmate ;)

And I have bought a kick-ass macro lens for my camera. This does not imply I will post better foto as I am still a shitty photographer though ;)

I had a few big dinners lately with >10 people and I was able to manage a fine food menu smoothly. This gave me the confidence to give a push on my eatwith profile and actually starting having people over, and see if we like each other. Well, not really because I haven't done it yet ;) Truth is I am really bloody scared of making a mess and disappointing my guests after they have paid money to have their dinner at my place!!!! I guess the only remedy is to try and see what happens :)

Today's recipe comes from a dinner we had last night with my husband's (shit, I have said it!) colleagues and it was really tasty and quite easy to make. Enjoy!


300 gr spinach

1 big burrata cheese

1 egg


3 eggs of fresh pasta

30 gr butter

sage leaves

Steam the spinach, rinse well, add the cheese, the egg, salt and nutmeg. Place the filling in a clean tea towel and squeeze all the liquid away. Use it to fill the tortelloni, boil them in water and pan-fry them with sage and butter for few minutes. Enjoy!





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Próximamente habrá aquí nuevas entradas
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