Pesto, potatoes and green beans

This post could end here; I mean, that's the recipe, nothing more to add really ;)

Well, I can be posh and add that the potatoes are homegrown pink potatoes, the basil comes from my very own balcony thanks to my mum and her amazing skills with automatised water irrigation, and that the green beans are a special variety called "manteca" (butter) because they are unbelievably tender <3

The recipe is a well known one from Liguria (the home of pesto sauce), and it is generally a sauce for pasta. Anyway, you already know I try to not eat carbs for dinner and one exception (potatoes) was enough ;)

I need a new lens for my camera, as mine broke while I was peeing in the toilet of a public parking in Braga (Portugal). End of the short sad story :( Suggestions from experiences food-shooters are welcome. Donations even more so!


Basil leaves

30 gr Parmigiano

a bunch of pine nuts

half garlic clove

4 small potatoes

green beans

Make the pesto blending the basil leaves with the cheese, half of the pine nuts and the garlic; ad oil until it becomes a smooth sauce. Boil the potatoes, steam-cook the green beans and toast the remaining pine nuts in a pan; cut the vegetables in pieces and compose the plate. Enjoy!





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Próximamente habrá aquí nuevas entradas
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