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My Mother-in-law's soup

I seem to talk a lot about my mother-in-law, but you have to understand that for me it was amazing to came into contact with another "home food" different from the italian one my mother does. The fact that her son is the best creature in the world often overshadows this big advantage that I have got since we are together, but sometimes I think about it and *wow*.

Well, after almost 4 years I am a true fan of Spanish cuisine. Forget the paella, that's tasty but how can rice basically fried in olive oil not be tasty? Also is a Sunday dish. I am way more enthusiastic about the Wednesday night dishes, the food you would never cook to a guest but that over years you fed to your children and relatives, and that now makes their flesh and bones. I told you, I am made 50% of lasagna and 50% of sbriciolata cake.

And today I will talk about the amazing Spanish bean soups. They have a true culture about legumes, with thousand of different soups. I have tried few of them and they are all amazing. Ofter they add pork meat (sausage, blood sausage, fat), like in the cocido or fabada, and then it becomes another story, but the two I want to talk about today are only made with fresh white beans and they are both light and truly delicious!


one handful of fresh beans each

1 green small pepper (I had only a yellow one!)

1 tomato

1 onion

Place all the ingredients in a pot and cover with water. Bring to boil and cook until tender. Cut the onion in small pieces, then add back to the soup. Servi with oil EVO, ground pepper and a slice of Lariano bread.


green flat beans at two different stages of maturation: when they are still flat, and when the bean is ready

1 leek

1 potato


Remove the skin to the mature beans, add all the ingredients in a pot and cook until tender. When ready, smash the potato and add back to the soup. Serve with oil EVO.





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