Chicken Satay

That's a very scenic recipe that I copied from the web (here) as it was without even a single input from my side, except omitting what I couldn't find in the cupboard ;)

What's surprising is that even my brother liked it ;) although in the original recipe, there is too much coconut cream to my taste, so the dip ended up too sweet.

Well well well, I had planned to take a forced break from research and dedicate to new projects, but last night I got an email from one of the grants I had tried, and it looks like I will stay in Alicante for at least two years doing more research. So happy about it and proud of myself ;) although to be honest my bank account will suffer the transition from a UK salary to a Spanish one... would be pbly good to top up the wage with some dinners for foreigners ;) Stay tuned, we'll begin in September!


for the skewers:

500 g chicken breast

for the marinade:

1 spoon honey

4 spoons soy sauce

2 spoons sesame oil

1 spoon curry

fresh coriander

ginger (3-4 cm)

chilli pepper

2 spoons cane sugar

juice of two limes

for the sauce:

1 onion

125 g peanut butter

50 g coconut cream

2 spoons sweet chili sauce

2 spoons soy sauce

one lime

1 spoon sesame oil

prepare the marinade mixing all the ingredients, make the skewers cutting stripes of chicken and rolling it as an S on the wood; cover with marinade and let it rest in the fridge. Cook the onion in a pan with the oil, add peanut butter, coconut cream and cook for a few minutes. Add the rest of the ingredients and blend until smooth. Grill the skewers and serve with the dip.





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Próximamente habrá aquí nuevas entradas
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