A thousand layers

More from the garden of earthy delights ;)

This is a winner when you have 5 minutes to make dinner but still wish to hear compliments from your guests. Meanwhile, I am enjoying myself promoting my website on facebook, as part of the amazing birthday gift I received this year. 1244 likes so far to my fried courgette flowers on instagram, that's not too bad! To this purpose, I also started an instagram account for cucinareconlentezza, and I am learning the holy art of hashtagging. Although I still haven't found the symbol on the keybord, so every time I google "hashtag", copy the symbol and paste it. True (and embarassing) story. 1245 likes.

The hashtagging puts you in front of a very important question, that you need to answer with synthesis: what is that you like? And my answer is, apparently: sicilian and vietnamese food, because these were my keywords for the search. I fell in love with this amazing account called myvietnamesemum, where a daughter publishes daily pictures from her mum's amazing plates in Vietnam, and I wish I could be adopted to receive those yummy pictures too, and perhaps pay a visit every now and then (mum, if you are reading this, I am just joking don't worry. You are still the best cook in the world!). 1247 likes, and counting ;)


(serves 2)

1 scamorza

1 white aubergines

1 tomato


white vinegar

Grill the aubergines cut in slices, then dress with vinegar, salt and oil EVO. Slice the tomato. Make slices out of the scamorza, grill them in a pan for about 30 seconds per side, then alternate the three layers to make a millefoglie. Decorate with oregano.





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Próximamente habrá aquí nuevas entradas
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