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Spaghetti without spaghetti

I did not go insane, this is just an eye trick, there is actually no pasta in this pasta ;)

And I wish I hadn't make the HUGE mistake of overcooking the courgettes, they would actually have looked like green spaghetti (where is the emoticon crying his hearth out?), but despite this beginner's mistake, the taste OMG was amazing!

So, my flatmate wants to loose some weight (I have no clue why, he is perfect as he is), and so he decided to ban carbohydrates from his table, which happens to be also mine as we share the kitchen, anyway, I had to come up with something carbs-free but still worth-a-weekend lunch. And since I am a genius I did, but before talking about the recipe let me say out loud, like the ravioli ambassador I am, that banning carbohydrates is STUPIIIIIIIIIID! Way better to eat a bit of everything, and free refill on vegetables. I am not a nutritionist, but I am persuaded that a good portion of pasta with cherry tomatoes, fresh basil and a twist of oil EVO is soul food that by definition cannot become excess fat. And even if it does, I am sure it goes directly to my boobs, so I keep eating ;)


(serves two)

a big courgette (or two small)

1 small burrata

basil, thyme and mint leaves

baby squids (200 gr)

black sesame

1) Cut the courgette in thin slices, and then thin stripes. I cooked them in water, but better steamed, but just a little bit or you will get courgette pure' like me :(

2) Blend the burrata with the herbs and a spoon of oils EVO; I also added some burrata water to make the cream lighter

3) Pan-fry the baby squids with one teaspoon of oil literally for 30 seconds

4) mix the courgettes, a little pesto and the squids;

5) serve on a burrata pesto bed and sprinkle with black sesame seeds





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