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Highly polemical post, but good food too!

I had this Facebook post stuck in my fingers since last weekend, but the more tried to resume the message in only a few lines, to be facebook-friendly, the more I kept adding concepts over concepts, so I decided to make a totally legittime blog post out of it instead!

A few things happened recently: the UK decided to leave the EU, the conservative party won again in Spain, plus religion-inspired terrorists striked here and there, as often happens nowadays. Now, my readers surely know that in the parliament I would be seated so at the left that I would probably end up out of the door. You might agree or not with me, but I imagine you think that this is not a problem, and fight to let my express my opinion etc. etc. as every opinion is legitimate. But my problem is that I do not think that the opinions of those sitting at the other end of the parliament are really legitimate. We might discuss ages about the specific parties, their concrete problems, the people who represent them that I might like or not, but thinking about the ideas that are behind, I only see two ways of intending society: the ones who can feel good only if other people have food, a shelter, rights and possibilities, and the ones who only look at the comfort of themselves, or at the most of the ethnical/religious group they feel they belong to. The latter usually hide behind the idea that wealthy are wealthy because they worked hard to become so, and those who are not wealthy are not proactive enough to escape their conditions and deserve what they have, without realising that this is not a race, but even if it was a race, it would be one in which some participants start kilometres behind the rest.

Well, this does not seem to me a question like "I like pears, you like apples, both opinions are legitimate, let's eat apples today and pears tomorrow". This is more like I am right and if you do not agree with me you are an asshole. I try to do my best to find reasonable opinions on the other side: I even refrain from deleting a few Facebook contacts that only post shitty racists posts just to NOT have only people that think the same as me on my wall, but I still read their shit and think they are stupid. So I guess that this is my point: all the people I respect are left wing. Does this make me intolerant?

Mind that I am not saying that I do not like the debate, I actually love it. I have changed my mind following an exchange of opinions on many concrete things, even important ones, but always with people that are on my side for the "bulk".

A related problem is that I love to read opinions on Facebook, newspapers, talk with people, but for problem number one (all the intelligent people I know are left wing) I then end up with a distorted idea of the world I am living in. And then an election, some jerk inspired to this religion or that one, or a country of rich invaders voting out of the EU to stop immigration leave me speechless, thinking: if your brain works, how can you think like this? And yet it seems like you are the majority.

My Spanish friends really tricked me this time, convincing me that in Spain, unlike in Italy, they are not ashamed of voting left. But turns out they are. Voting a corrupted party can be done if this prevent the ugly Communists to reach the power: well done, Spain.

I am really looking forward to meet a conservative/separatist/blindly religious person that I actually like. In the meanwhile, if you are scared of the word Left, if you want to share the rights and the wealth between less and less people justifying it with religious or patriotic arguments, you can just fuck off because you are making the world a stinky place.

All this can only be dealt with while eating something f***ing good, and that's the link with this amazing tuna tartar. Or another explanation is that I just want to trick people to read my post with a nice picture... ;)


350 gr red tuna

1 orange

oil EVO


a bunch of pine nuts

ground pepper

Cut the tuna in small cubes. Add the juice of one orange, a little oil EVO, pine nuts previously salted in a pan, chopped chives, salt and ground pepper. Cover, then let it rest in the fridge for at least 15 minutes. Decorate with orange zest and more pine nuts.





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