My personal foam party

My parents-in-law bought me a siphon for birthday, how cool is that???

I have tried the mozzarella foam in the housewarming party of my two best friends. They are two of the best people I have ever met, and apparently high standards attract high standards because they become a couple. Very convenient for me, as I tend to be quite harsh with my friends' partners while I check that they meet the right criteria ;)

One of them is a superb chef, and is the one that really triggered my passion for all kind of fish. I still remember his prawns coated with oriental spices and served in yoghurt dressing... yum yum. I hope he won't open a blog, because there will be no point in reading my blog if his is available ;)

(Micione if you read this, I hope you will at least buy me a drink!)

So, I wanted to try out my brand-new siphon and I wanted to use mozzarella. I was then inspired by a really poor man's plate: bread with butter and anchovies, poor but absolutely mouthblowing. The melting pot between Italy and Spain is given by the Santoña anchovies, and I have to admit italian anchovies are just salt with a vague fish smell compared with spanish anchovies (but still winewise you are ages behind, my dear Mediterranean cousins)

And here we go:


a piece of old bread

4 anchovies

1/4 garlic clove

1 mozzarella


Blend the mozzarella with a little of its water and place into the siphon. Mix the bread with the anchovies and the garlic until sand-like. Place it in the bottom of a small cup, spray the mozzarella and decorate with chives.





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Próximamente habrá aquí nuevas entradas
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