Culinary ecstasy #1: Hai Di Lao Hot Pot @ Singapore

This is a brand new section of Cucinare Con Lentezza! A selection of the most amazing restaurants that I have visited around the world, those places where after the first bite, the world stopped for a moment, a ray of light illuminated the dish in front of me and celestial music played in synchrony with my chewing, while my tastebuds exploded in a culinary orgasm ;)

It is actually a good strategy for my lazy periods, when I only - air quote - cook tomato and cucumber salads, but it is also a nice way to talk about my travelling around the world ;)

Well well well... let's start with the most recent unforgettable experience, which happened during my last - air quote - work trip to Singapore. I shall say I didn't use to like chinese food, but that was before tasting this delicious soup where you dip and cook basically whatever you feel like. We chose two different stocks, one of which burned my mouth (and not only) but OMG it was so worthy! But the culinary ecstasy was initiated by the weird mix of herbs, nuts and spices that you can see in the second picture: I have no idea what I was eating (the waitress kindly did it for me), but it was excellent!

We ordered raw fish, meat and vegetables that we cooked in the soup, and everything was very fresh and tasty. My fav was (surprisingly) the beef: I just picked the most expensive one, and I think it was some sort of Kobe beef (very tender, very fatty). Just excellent!

Beside the food, this place is a real must-see of Singapore: they give you free food and drink and even make your nails while you are waiting! Insane :)

And last but not least, I think we paid around 90 singapore dollars in two (~60 euros). Mouth orgasms can be quite cheap!

Well, here we go:





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Próximamente habrá aquí nuevas entradas
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