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Asparagus and leek soup, Singapore and hypochondria

I am about to leave for a far far away place (Singapore), where the annual meeting of nerdy MRI people is held (and also the post-meeting 10 days holiday with my flatmate across Malaysia), and as usual a variety of physical and mental discomforts are accompanying me in the preparation phase.

As much as I love travelling, and at my 32 I have been in a lot of places including those really f**** far away like Hawaii and Australia, the days before I always regret my choice of leaving my comfort zone (home) for the unknown. I generally spend the night before repeating to my flatmate how much I love him and that he can keep my Kitchenaid if he wishes, should the plane crash. But please do not go over speed 2 when you have the bread whip on.

I hate flying, I am strongly convinced that if people were meant to fly they would have born with wings like pigeons, but so far I haven't found another convenient way of travelling long distances, so here we go, my only choice is between booze and tranquillisers (not both, because I am hypochondriac so I would fear death) :(

Then what happen is that I generally cry my soul out as I land, willing to take the same plane back (true story: it happened in NYC and Vietnam), and then I slowly recover my mental sanity and start enjoying the experience. I will try to survive also this time thinking about the annoying pictures that I will post on Facebook from Tioman Island :)

Now I quickly have to find a link with the soup that I want to write about. Well, let's say that a healthy dinner before a long plane trip will prepare your stomach to the junk food British Airways serve on board (Britons, why are you so good in romantic comedies and so shitty in making food?). So here we go:


1 bunch asparagus

2 leeks

1 onion

1 carrot

1 soy yogurt

10 leaves mint

ground pepper

Clean the asparagus and remove the hard part in the lower end. Chop the leeks and place in a pot with two spoons of oil EVO, let it go for a while, then add the rest of the vegetables chopped in large pieces and cover with water. Cook ~20 mins, remove the carrot and the leek and blend the soup with a mixer. Add the yogurt and the mint leaves, mix again and serve with ground pepper and oil EVO to decorate.





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