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Tortellini with Cocido Madrileño

It's a thing. More than one year after that visionary genius with whom I share the bed had the idea, the pasta filled with cocido meat in cocido stock is a thing!

Ok, perhaps my excitement is difficult to understand if you are not familiar with both italian and spanish cultures, but to me this is like what 2016 will be remembered for (this, and the shiny Cinderella dress of Claire Danes at the Met). Let me give you some background. Pasta filled with meat is one of the most traditional and delicious italian plates, it is a Sunday dish and my mother's tortellini are to die for. The Cocido madrileño is one of the most traditional and delicious spanish plates, and is made with different kinds of meat cooked in water with chickpeas to make a super tasty broth. It is a Sunday dish and my mother-in-law cooks one which is to die for. It was Christmas and my roommate was eating my mother's tortellini, when at some point I literally saw a bulb lighting up on top of his head and he said: we should make tortellini with cocido.

Like what happened with all the other visionaries before him, people around him started laughing and make fun of his idea, but he has never given up until now, and here we go, it's a thing!

This dish was actually prepared for a very special occasion: we are becoming hosts on eatwith! You can check out the menu here:

We can't wait to start hosting people at our place. My ravioli shop is still very far away... but perhaps a little bit closer ;)


for the cocido:

a piece of veal backbone

a piece of veal bone with bone marrow

1/4 hen

leftover ham bone

a small piece of pork fat

chickpeas (150 gr, left in water overnight)

1 carrot

1 leek

green beans

1 potato

for the pasta:

2 eggs

100 gr white flour

100 gr semola flour

1 pinch of salt

for the filling:

80 gr parmigiano

1 egg yolk

Place all the ingredients of the cocido in a large pot (better if in a pressure cooker), cover with water and let it boil for at least 3-4 hours (less if in the pressure cooker). When the cocido is ready, let it cool down, then take the non-fatty meat and cut it small pieces. Make the pasta dough by mixing flour, eggs and salt and let it rest 30 minutes in the fridge. Meanwhile, mix the meat with parmigiano and the egg yolk and blend until creamy. I have cleaned the cocido broth adding one egg white, bringing to boil and then filtering the broth. I have made the tortellini, I have cooked them in the broth and served hot with some chickpeas. Amazing!





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