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Raviolo is the new black

My brother-in-law is a genius. He came up with this amazing idea of hosting people through the EatWith network (this) and he totally nailed it. My brain was considering the idea of doing something with my cooking skills for a long time, but a real good plan for an amateur like me, which didn't involve big initial assets, was missing. Did I already tell you that he is a genius?

We will host dinners at our place, which is just perfect: big, stylish, central. Add my amazing cooking skills (if I may say so myself) and the ability of my flatmate to pour wine and entertain people, and you see that this can only be a success! Can't wait. AAAAAAAHHHHH!

So I need to plan a menu. The theme will be "When italy met spain: a ravioli night". The raviolo is the perfect food to cook in advance, freeze and serve, it is incredibly versatile (can be filled with everything you like) and it is really photogenic, which is a good plus for my blog ;)

Yesterday night I started with my first ravioli plate, and I have to say I am really satisfied by the results, so it will be included in the menu. The idea comes from my flatmate, when I asked which is the typical local fish: the sepionet, tiny tasty lovely sepias from the costa blanca. So immediately I though about the partnership between peas and sepias, which is a classic of my hometown cuisine, and here we go:


for the dough:

2 eggs

100 gr white flour

100 gr semola flour

ink black (one bag)

for the filling

200 gr sepionet, cleaned

white whine

1 egg yolk

50 gr grated parmigiano

for the sauce

100 gr frozen peas

4-5 mint leaves

Start with the dough. Mix the flours, the eggs and the ink black until compact and place in the fridge to rest. Pan-fry the sepionet cut in pieces, add a sip of white wine, cook for 2 minutes at high fire and turn off. Blend for a few seconds leaving big pieces, then ddd the egg yolk and the cheese. Make thin layers of pasta, place the filling and close the ravioli with a fork. Prepare the sauce: pan-fry the peas in a spoon of oil EVO, cook 10 minutes, add the mint and then blend until smooth. Cook the ravioli in boiling water, add 3-4 spoons of the water to the pea sauce to make it softer and serve the ravioli in a bed of sauce.





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