Tom gnam!

On-the-spot recipe, written while my stomach is still processing it :)

Some time ago I wrote that cooking exotic food is not my cup of tea due to lack of background. Now, I still think my Tom Yam was only a pale westernized imitation of the real Thai soup, but truth is, I have only eaten Thai food in Europe, and compared to my standards it was f**** amaaaaaaaaziiiiiing !

"Knowledge comes at great costs": I pbly won't be able to eat this anymore after a trip to Thailand, but in the meanwhile..


1 lime


8 prawns + mixed fish (1 calamari, 1 pangasius fillet, 1 mullet fillet)

400 gr coconut milk

1 teaspoon red curry paste

200 gr shiitake mushrooms

2 shallots

2 lemongrass

3 spoons fish Thai sauce

1/2 chilli

I peeled the prawns and used the heads to make fish stock (~600 ml). I mixed the stock with the coconut milk, the red curry paste and the fish sauce. I added the shallots in thin slices, the lemongrass, the mushrooms chopped in small pieces and after 5 minutes, all the fish (with the prawns at the very end).

I served with slices of lime and chopped coriander. Gnam!

PS: according to the world wide web, it should only be made with prawns, but they were too expensive and the desperate housewife in me decided to dilute them with less lavish fish ;)

...also, the stock should be chicken stock, but I am fish-etarian during business hours!





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Próximamente habrá aquí nuevas entradas
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