Thai take two - the veggie option AKA I hate mondays

Monday is the worst day not only when you need to wake up and go to work, but also when you work from home. In the last weeks I realised that what affects me is not the post-weekend lack of sleep, but the emptiness that is left in me after 48 hours of quality time with quality people. To prove this scientific theory of mine, yesterday I stayed in bed until 9 (ok, 9:30) and when I got up, I still hated the world. See?

BTW working from home sucks. I hate the lack of human interactions so much that I am seriously considering quitting science and open a ravioli shop (click on the ads! click on the ads!). I am grateful to the lady at the supermarket till when she asks me if I have the costumer card with me. In German. And I do not speak German, but nevermind: those might be the only words that a human being speak to me in hours!!!!

All this moaning just to say that yesterday I wanted to turn a bad day into something decent, so I treated myself with some coconut milk plus red curry paste (BTW, great excuse to go talk with the lady at the till). I did a vegetarian version of this, that was really heart-warming:


1 lime 400 gr broccoli 1 sweet potato spinach leaves 400 gr coconut milk 1 teaspoon red curry paste 150 gr shiitake mushrooms 3 shallots 2 lemongrass 3 spoons fish Thai sauce 1/2 chilli vegetable stock (made with celery, onion and carrot) sesame seeds and coriander to decorate

In a pot, I brought to boil the coconut milk and the vegetable stock, then added all the ingredients (mushrooms and spinach leaves at the end). Served with toasted sesame seeds and chopped coriander. Easy-peasy :)





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Próximamente habrá aquí nuevas entradas
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