Memories from Canada: the chowder

.... or also: how to ruin a good fish with diary products ;)

This recipee is against my philosophy of not mixing proteins of different origins, not because one year and a half in Tel Aviv I converted to Judaism but because that's just much easier to process for the stomach, and also I can control better the amount of proteins that I eat.

Now I need to write something more interesting because this post has just started and it is already boring :) I could talk about the amazing time I had in Canada, where I first ate this dish in a small town of Prince Edward Island, but it was already a long ago (this recipee piled up in the queue of to-do dishes), so due to weather proximity I will talk about the long weekend I just had in Andorra: amazing!

It was a commercial event organised by FIAT for their customers in the car rental business and of course I was the first lady of my flatmate ;) everything was very chic and perfectly organised, and also the weather cumplied with the expectations; but the most noticeable thing was that I got as a gift a pink helmet for skying! The event organiser just said "I thought you would like the color". Bloody hell how easy it is to please me!


mixed fishes for soup

1 potato

2 shallots

1 kg clams

1 kg mussels

a glass of milk (or half milk, half cream)


ground pepper

Make a good fish stock with the mixed fish, filter and use the stock to boil the potato and the shallots cut in small pieces. Blend when ready. In a separate pan, open the clams and add the juice to the stock. Do the same for the mussels. Add both to the stock, add the milk (or the milk and the cream), stir for a few seconds and turn off the fire. Serve with chopped chives and ground pepper.





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Próximamente habrá aquí nuevas entradas
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