Symphony in green

May 11, 2015

The season is officially started and our BBQ is working its ass off in the weekend. I might destroy years of fights for gender equality, but I want to say it: BBQ is a man's job ;)

I realised it when I followed my flatmate to buy one. I thought we were looking for a regular charcoal BBQ to bring over to the river in days of sunshine, along with a guitar and few beers, but HELL NO!! We got home with the rolls royce of all the BBQs: two grills, four fires, closing lid with thermostat, option to make cappuccino. I guess the point is that men in front of BBQ have their primordial instincts challenged, and they feel the moral need to purchase the largest fire available to take care of all the tribe ;)

Good point is that I can enjoy the sunshine and do a little work. This sunday I did only a tiny bit of pasta alla norma (only 700 grams for 10 people, I am almost ashamed to confess it....), that was really really good. The problem is that all my good recipes containing aubergines really need to be cooked with slowness :)



for 10 people, a small portion each

5 aubergines
3 cans of crushed tomatoes
3 garlic cloves
700 gr penne
ricotta salata

Cut the aubergines in small cubes and leave a couple of hours in a bowl with cold water and salt. Rinse and dry them, then deep-fry in a pan with oil EVO. Dry them and place in a colander with something heavy on top. Leave to rest overnight. 
In a large pot, fry the garlic with 2 spoons of oil EVO, then add the crushed tomato. After 20 minutes,   take the garlic off and add the aubergines. Cook for additional 10 minutes, turn the fire off and add the basil leaves. Cook the pasta al dente, add the sauce and grated ricotta salata on top. Enjoy!




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