Detox week

December 10, 2015

I've always found the word "detox" hilarious. I imagine toxins as ugly small insects which are expelled by the body thanks to pineapple, chicory and similar stuff, while all the organs celebrate together the epic win. A green juice and we will all be forever young, as Rod Stewart wished. Quinoa to be shiny and beautiful outside as well as inside. 


This doesn't mean I have pork fat for breakfast (well, at least not every day ;) ). There is food that is just very easy to process for the stomach, and I am a heavy user of it, especially during the week and especially after a weekend as the last one (and the previous, and the one before that, and....)  

For example: steamed rice with oil and (an insane proportion of) lemon. It is a magic medication for my stomach. Even better if made by my mum ;) 


But I resort to magic rice only when the situation is critic; for regular "detox" night, I do things like:



(Serves 2)


For the burger:

2 small pieces of baccalà kept in water for 24 hours 

1 egg

2 spoond of Chickpeas flour 


For the vegetables:

1 broccoli 

1 carrot 

5 green broad beans  

1 red pepper 

Sesame seeds

Soya sauce 

Sesame oil


Cut the baccalà in small pieces, add the egg, the chickpeas flour and mix. Make the burgers (I apologise for the ugly picture) and grill 3 minutes on each side. Cut the vegetables in a nice fashion and stir-fry them in one spoon of sesame oil for 10 minutes. Add two spoons of soy sauce and the sesame seeds, stir a couple of minutes more and serve in these nice vintage violet plates <3






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