Cebiche AKA Anisakis I do not fear you

Finally, after 2 months and a half of literally living inside a suitcase, the God of expats has decided to reimburse me for all my suffering and has donated me the biggest wardrobe my clothes ever touched (and they still don't fit, damn it!). As if it were not enough, my new Alicante flat also has the prettiest kitchen ever, that I decorated with the forest green stuff I had in Cardiff. After all, I am glad I didn't burn everything from that period, as I was tempted to do in more than one occasion ;)

Time to re-take my favorite hobby ever: cooking with slowness. Problem is that in the middle of Angkor temples in Cambodia, my stupid and insensitive camera broke and now I am left with my hello kitty iphone :(

I hope it will suffice for making my readers salivating, and if not believe my words: it was unbelievably tasty. My stomach is ready to pay the price and welcome all the nasty parasites that can attack it after eating raw fish, but if you do not like taking the risk and, unlike me, your mind contemplates the option "I want it now, but I can wait", then just freeze it before ;)


(serves 2)

half red onion

one medium-sized sea bass

3 limes

2 chilli peppers

salt and pepper

coriander as if there was no tomorrow

extract the fillets from the sea bass and cut them in small pieces (1-2 cm maximum). Add lime juice and the rest of the ingredients sliced. Serve with an obscene amount of freshly chopped coriander. And now I am hungry again!

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Próximamente habrá aquí nuevas entradas
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