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FYEO: crumble cake (sbriciolata)

Out of 55 posts so far, not a single one is about dessert, and the reason is: desserts are boring. You need to follow the recipe step by step, for many recipes you need to know the oven and know the yeast, if you do not have isinglass in your cupboard you can't just replace it by adding more something else (as I generally do when I am missing some ingredients).

Bottomline: in a football match, desserts are the goalkeeper and savoury stuff are the goleador. Buffon vs Totti. And I worship Totti.


But if your family takes a plane to come and visit you, bringing your nephew along which is the single thing in the world that you love the most, you bake a cake for their breakfast. And when it comes to the task of baking, there is only one option for me that cannot go wrong: the crumble cake. Now, click this link here, replace the word "lasagna" for "crumble cake" and you will see that there is a high emotional content in this post too :)

This is THE cake my babysitter was baking for me over the years. I think my body is made up 50% of lasagna and 50% of this amazing sbriciolata ;)

Before getting to the recipe, let me add that I had the time of my life with my family in the past few days. Adolescence ends when you stop seeing the family as something unavoidable, and it becomes something that makes you richer. For me it was somehow a complicated process, but it is paying off now :)

All the credits go to two persons. One that is not with us anymore, but his love still is and glues us together. The other one, well, is the guy that is in my bed when I wake up in the morning. For him, and for him only, sometimes I even think that the world is an amazing place to be ;)


4 egg yolks

500 gr flour

200 gr sugar

250 gr butter

lemon zest

for the filling:

one apple

rhubarb and strawberry jam

I mixed all the ingredients for the shortcrust pastry and leave it to rest in the fridge for one hour. I placed half of it in a circular tray, placed the two jams, the apple slices. I added more flour to the remaining pastry and mixed to make crumbles, that I placed on top of the cake. I baked at 180 degrees for about 40 minutes. Eat with someone you love.





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