Courgette and leek crumble, champagne and a new toy

May 28, 2015

I was so eager to try out my new (fake) Le Creuset mini cocotte that I brought courgettes from Rome (zucchine romanesche). I am used to security and airplane staff laughing at my shoulders for the food I bring in the cabin (some flights ago, I had melba toast supply for like six months that wouldn't fit in the upper compartment), plus I wanted to cook a very special dinner to celebrate an equally special night here in Frankfurt. Champagne was already waiting for me :) 


I have to say this crumble was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G, but still less amazing than the golden rose champagne!



serves 2

3 courgettes roma

1 leek


50 gr butter

50 gr flour

50 gr parmigiano


2 anchovies 

fresh mint leaves


In a pan, I cooked the leek sliced in thin slices with 1 spoon of oil EVO until tender, then I placed the leek in a bowl. In the same pan, I cooked the sliced courgettes with 1 spoon of oil EVO and chilli until tender. I mixed the leek and the courgettes, than placed the mix in the cocotte one spoon at time, placing leaves of mint and chopped anchovies.

I mixed the butter, flour, grated parmigiano and pepper in a bowl until sand-like. I cover the cocotte with a layer of this sandy mix. I baked in the oven at 200 degrees until the top layer is golden (~15 minutes)


I have to admit that we eat it with a lasagna made of pane carasau (thin bread from Sardegna), foie gras and mango chutney. You can sort of see it in the third picture. I know, I deeply apologise with all the birds in the planet, foie gras is bad, but if you got it as a present from France, waisting it is even worst..... ;)





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